Ecological Teak from Costa Rica

Our plantation is in the Ticaban area  near Guapiles, Costa Rica. It is part of a large reforestation area established on erosion land during the 1980's, consisting of teak and several local species. The area has FSC certificate.

Our teak was planted in 1991. We harvested in 2013 about one hectar of teak, and processed the logs to planks in our associate's sawmill in Costa Rica. After 6 months of natural drying in Costa Rica we transported the planks to Finland in September 2013.

The planks are currently (November 2016) almost sold out, and a small amount is left in a warehouse in Helsinki, Finland.

We have prepared the same video also in Japanese

To see how our teak looks after carpenter and design work, click architect Pekka Kumpula's page